Creating WifiPasswordMask

How to create Wifi PasswordMask in Lightning using Inputfield?

I don’t think so lightning provides such feature, but you can store the actual password in a string and create one more string and add bullets instead of password.
pass = “1234”
maskedPass = “****”
you can store the first string and display the second string.

There is indeed no built in functionality in Lightning. In fact, the core Lightning library doesn’t provide any UI components (such as an Inputfield) out of the box.

So you can either create your own Input field component and implement the password masking as you wish. I would suggest to search for some Angular/Vue/React tutorials for how to go about something like this - the implementation won’t be exactly the same in Lightning, but the same principle apply.

You can also check out the Lightning-UI project, which has an Inputfield component, which has password masking ablities: Lightning-ui/ at main · rdkcentral/Lightning-ui · GitHub

Hope that helps!