"enablePointer: true" does nothing

Trying to capture mouse hover and click events.
The docs seem like they must be missing something, as this does not do anything when i add it.

Any advice where to go to enable mouse tracking?

That flag should turn on - Lightning/Application.mjs at f12d54f5594626480af80b650c13a1764a49faa1 · rdkcentral/Lightning · GitHub

Did you check out the example?

Everything is working there. You won’t see a mouse cursor change on hover like normal HTML doc. You have to add all the _handleHover to actually see a change.

Yes, i’ve added the collision: true, to various places some minor but unusable functionality.
According to the sample, you pass enablePointer: true in your options, then add collision: true to the template of the control you wish have the detection for.

Nothing happens when i do this.

I’m fairly convinced that this is because of the multiple levels of template, as if i add the collision to the app, main, page and wrapper, templates, i get the hover function to work for it, but nothing nested in side of it, regardless of all possible combinations of collision:true on each of its parent elements.

Looks like you need to add Collision: true on all parent elements as well. So App → Main → Page → Wrapper → Element. Additionally, use zIndex or id to set the priority of which element should receive the hover. So make sure the final Element has the highest zIndex value or an id property.

hoverableChildren.sort((a,b) => {
            // Sort by zIndex and then id
            if (a.zIndex > b.zIndex) {
                return 1;
            } else if (a.zIndex < b.zIndex) {
                return -1;
            } else {
                return a.id > b.id ? 1: -1;