How can I restart my app on current page itself (on click by giving route to that present page)

is there any method solve problem

Not sure what you mean exactly. If you’re using the Router, I think the only way to programmatically reload your entire application is through the browser’s location object, location.reload(). Depending of how you’ve set your routes, when doing this the splash screen might reappear again.

Now, if you need to execute some logic again that only executes when accessing a specific Route, it might be worth extracting it to its own function and then maybe use it on any of the hooks that the router provides and also whenever you click/press ENTER on your UI element. Because I don’t think that navigating again to the current route will do anything, with the Router’s method at least.

@AB_248 I agree with @eduardo.guzman

Even i am also not sure what exactly you are trying to do here, but as you have mentioned in your question “How can i restart my app on current page itself” from this i can say you want to reload the same page or current window, so you can use window.location.reload(); or location.reload(); for the same.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My question is How can I refresh the app in current page. for example if I change any language to that app in widgets handle enter action it should refresh in current page itself
is it possible in Lightning?
as you guys said window.location.reload() it reflecting the action in browser only.
I need to run my app in TV (device)
may the command would not work after i install the app in TV

I need solution for refreshing or reload the app in same page it self in any device

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