How to Handle the Focus when Each Item of List is having Two subcomponets?

Hi All ,
I have Implemented a List where each list item will be having two subcomponents
on selecting each subcomponets I need to route to the pages related to subcomponets using router methods
I am facing issue on HanldeBack from second sub component page focus is coming to first subcomponet can anyone help me with this ?


I assume you have a setup like:

Page A)

Column → Row → [ Item1, Item2]

User enters on Item2 and goes to PageB. Then clicks Back which loads PageA and has focus on Item1.

I think the easiest way to fix this is to keep the Pages in Memory. Which should be happening by default - but when you navigate back to the page it gets reinitialized - make sure you have some logic in your page to say it doesn’t need to be recreated.