How to implement both vertical and Horizontal scroll in the same page using Carousel?

I’m trying to implement both vertical and horizontal scroll in the same page using Carousel. How can this be achieved?

Thank you


Essentially you need to put a Carousel inside a Carousel. So the outer one is column and its items are Carousels with direction row.


Hi @chiefcll, I have achieved the horizontal scroll using lists inside a list. But I am not able to handle the vertical scroll for list direction as a column. Can you please help me with the vertical scroll event handling

You might want to use:

That component will animate moving of the items as well. You can also check out the source code to see how its done.

Thanks, @chiefcll, this one worked for me as I wanted its behaviour. I have added the dimensions required for all the components such as the x-y position and calculated their height-width. After this, Lightning itself managed the focus handling.