How to play MPEG-DASH ( .mpd ) file in LightningJS VideoPlayer?

i want to build an app for set-top-box , in which play MPEG-DASH ( .mpd ) file. please help
Thank you.

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Hi! The current SDK VideoPlayer plugin: - Documentation serves as an example to showcase how to do playback in a Lightning app via the video-tag. It hosts no logic to handle adaptive bitrate and DRM protected content. For that you probably need to roll your own player and make use of existing libraries like:

DashJS: - Documentation
HlsJS: GitHub - video-dev/hls.js: HLS.js is a JavaScript library that plays HLS in browsers with support for MSE.

Personally i prefer DashJS

You can include one of those libs to your existing code-base

can you provide me full code of video player , where i can play MPEG-DASH(.mpd) file .
i’m new in RDK and LightingJS . and please let me know other platform where i can easily learn Lightning JS.
Thank you.

unfortunately nothing opensource we can share; only in products we’ve build for customers; the fair share of work is following the available examples that dashjs and hlsjs offer and integrate it in your project targeting the video-tag as source

For learning Lightning you can visit the following links:

Lightning Core docs

Getting started

VOD Example app