How to remove a template from screen after use, so that we can remove that from memory?

Hi Everyone,
I have few queries listed below if anyone can help, would be much appreciated.

  1. How to remove the templates from the memory?
    Like we are rendering a lot of images into the trays due to that we are facing the crash issues due to memory.
  2. Is there any way to remove the items from trays like when we scroll the items some items goes out of the screen in that case any way to remove them from the memory?
  3. All the images are coming from api and takes times to render and user scroll without waiting for the images to get loaded. So once those items goes out of screen the images will get loaded or will not load?
  4. we have handleLeft handleRight Up Down Enter and handleBack, so i am facing one issue that if user keep on holding backButton or other, due to that facing some problem, like user keep pressing the back button it doesn’t load the screens it directly goes to last routes but we have some conditions on handleBack like exit the app. How to handle this situation?
    In player screen user holds the forward button it keeps on forwarding, how to avoid that?

Thanks & Regards