How to scroll long paragraphs of text in lightningjs

How to scroll long paragraphs of text in lightningjs


Put the text inside a container to set the height and clip the text. Then smooth the Y property of the text element to scroll it up or down.

Hi! @chiefcll
How can we achieve Custom Scroll Bar in lightning ?.
To scroll dynamic text based on screen widow.

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Hi @chiefcll,

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please suggest How to render the clipped overflow text while scrolling, as the text overflow properties (‘hidden’ and ‘ellipsis’) will not render the text outside the container ?

I’ll be working on an open source component to do this. But you’ll need to have a wrapper for the text box…

Wrapper (h: 200, clipping: true)
Text (h: 800)

Then move the Text component’s Y position. Hopefully by end of week the new component will be available and you can just use that.

There will be a big release for

hopefully next week which will have the Scrollwrapper component if you can delay your work for a bit.


Hi Chiefcll,

Any update on Scroll Wrapper component ?


Sorry for the delay - I don’t know when they’ll be open sourcing the Wrapper. I’ve messaged you on the Lightning slack to help you move forward until they release the components. Should be by EOY.