Passing asynchronous value props in Blits

Hi everyone, I was building a project using Blits and ran into an issue. I need to pass a prop from a Parent to a Child component, but the value of the prop item is obtained asynchronously.

In the Component page I obtain the value using async/ await in the ready hooks. This works correctly as I am able to update the variable defined in states() and the component only loads in the canvas after the data is fetched.
This is a basic outline of the code :

After passing the variable in the ParentCompoent, and then trying to access the prop from the ChildComponent, it is ‘undefined’. I’m guessing this is because the ChildComponent UI loads before the async/await. So is there a way to make the ChildComponent wait to be loaded only after the prop obtains its value?

Sorry everyone, this was just a mistake on my part. I am unable to delete the question/post, else I would’ve done so😅.
The passed prop can be accessed in a child element. We just need to use this.propName to access it, and not define it in states() again.