Release of Lightning UI Components with Theming (2.0)!

:rocket: The official release of Lightning-UI-Components 2.0 with Theming is ready! :rocket:

Lightning-UI-Components (LUI) is an open source library of shareable LightningJS components to aid in application development. The library was built and is maintained by the Experience Design Engineering team at Comcast NBCUniversal.

The team presented LUI 2.0 during an RDK Webinar back in January. If you did not see the presentation, please check back soon as links to the videos will be provided and documentation will be added to the LightningJS website.

Otherwise, please see our live Storybook and review our documentation.

Here is an overview of what’s new:

More Components

  • Over 60 Components
  • 11 Helpful Mixins


  • Each component has been revamped to allow for easy style-swapping (similar to CSS) via global theme files.
  • Extensions
  • Sub-Theming

TypeScript Support

  • Each component has a TS definition file to help streamline integrations with TS projects.
  • This leverages the latest TS updates to Lightning Core.

Test Utils

  • @lightningjs/ui-components-test-utils
  • This is a separate package with utilities we found helpful in our own Jest unit testing that you can leverage.
  • This includes integrations with the global context and theming for LUI2.

Next Steps:

  • More example themes
  • Demo Application
  • Theme Validation
  • Automation Testing
  • Lightning Storybook Integration Overhaul
  • Extensions (for theming)
  • Full-Page Templates