SSAI with hls.js in lightning App

Hi All,
How can I use hls.js to retrieve the cue_out and cue_in values from an SSAI URL? Is there an event in hls.js that can be used to trigger ad cue points in the manifest file? I tried using the FRAG_CHANGED event, but it triggers the player for every fragment, which is not what I need. I noticed that the fragment data includes a taglist with an EXT-X-CUE-OUT tag, but I’m not sure if this is the correct way to obtain the cue points as it requires iterating through nested arrays and the next fragment may trigger before the first one has finished executing. Additionally, I observed that the fragment event is triggered when the EXT-X-CUE-IN tag is encountered, but the ad is still playing. How can I use hls.js to properly obtain and trigger ad cue points from an SSAI URL?
Any idea on this? or anyone tried SSAI with different approach?


This isn’t related to Lightning. Please ask this question on HLS forum or stackoverflow.

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Thank you for your response. I have already posted my query in HLS forum, and I am now checking with the community if anyone has tried it before or has any suggestions. Does anyone have any experience or ideas regarding this?
Thank you :smiley:.