VideoPlayer in lightning sdk is getting displayed below the rest of tags even after setting zIndex of tag instance

Backdrop: {
x: 800,
alpha: 0.001,
w: (w) => w,
h: 740,
type: Player,
zIndex: 999,
shader: { type: Lightning.shaders.FadeOut, fade: [0, 700, 900, 0] },
transitions: { alpha: { duration: 1 } },


→ In the _firstActive (or _init ) lifecycle event, you can pass a reference to the component that should be set as the consumer .

→ seems like this.tag() is not working for consumer in video player
:upside_down_face: VideoPlayer lightning sdk

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Read through this:

The important thing to note is on some devices the Video plays on 0 index and you can’t change that. You have to use a hole punch to cut through the canvas tag to reveal the video playing.

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Thank you for your reply. This helps.

You can use the Videoplayer Object to set zIndex. Another way can be to use loader() in Videoplayer which has videoEl property.

export const loader = (url, videoEl, options = {}) => { = 2
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