Can we load static html pages into lightning application?

We need to show static html page in one part of our application,how can we do that any idea? is there any ligthning component which can be used

Hi @Sharan , no there is no way to mix html with Lightning, so you can’t just show static html in your application. You’ll need to recreate the html page in Lightning components.

We’ve done this in the past with EULA texts for example. In case that needs to come dynamically from a remote location, the best way would be to receive the text as a JSON from a remote API.

In theory you could also parse the html on the fly and recreate it into a Lightning page. Of course this can have a negative effect on performance, and can turn out to be somewhat of a challenge depending on how complex and how much variety the html has.

It’s difficult to come up with a solution that can handle everything, which is exactly why Lightning doesn’t offer this functionality out of the box.

Thank you,we are loading it in the same way but the styles in the html page cannot be rendered,its becoming complex…