_captureKeyLong, _handleKeyLong ,_captureKeyRelease and _handleKeyRelease


First of all I would like to ask if it would be possible to add these events to the official Lightning Doc since they aren’t there and I only found out about them by looking at the GitHub’s issues : LightningJS.io - Documentation

Now, I have been trying these events on my project but I have some issues.

  • captureKeyRelease and handleKeyRelease : The events fire even tho I’m holding the keys down. I would expect if I press a key down and hold for a few seconds and then let go the key it would count as only 1 key up at the very end, but the way I have experienced is it fires multiple times when holding the key down before releasing.

  • captureKeyLong and handleKeyLong : I haven’t been able to make them work at all. I have put longpress: { left: 500, right: 500 } in the static template but the event’s don’t fire.

Thanks for helping me understanding these events!