Get Event keycode when Carousel is scrolling?

class ExpandableHeightItems extends lng.Component {
  static _template() {
    return {
      Column: {
        type: Column,
        h: 500,
        items: Array.apply(null, { length: 15 }).map((_, i) => ({
          type: ExpandingButton,
          h: 40,
          w: 150,
          buttonText: `Button ${i}`

  _getFocused() {
    return this.tag('Column');

//carousel scrolling  (right/left) not working  when capturekey is used

is there any way get event keycode when carousel component is scrolling ? (e.g.- keycode when handleRight / HandleLeft is called each items scroll happens inside the columns)

When you use _captureKey, you have to return a boolean indicating whether the event should propagate to other handlers or not.