How Do I run my lightning app on rdk emulator?

So, I have developed an app using lightning js and I have also configured the RDK -emulator on my system, Now I can’t figure out how do i run my app on the emulator, I have followed this guide given on this github repo but my lightning app is not running on the emulator.

Hi @Nitesh_Kumar,

does the Emulator run after being configured?

What errors do you recieve when trying to run the application?

Yes I was able to start the emulator, I got RefrenceError Can’t find Variable promise. In the webinspector of emulator as shown in the picture below.

(this picture). The code in this pic is of startApp.js of my application from the build folder.

It could be that the emulator is not capable of handling ES6? Maybe try building in ES5?

I tried building in es5 still the same result.