How to check my app on the set-top-box

we are develop lighting app for set-top-box as per documentation to lightning js . but there is no information in the docs that how to test app on the STB (set-top-box) . please help

Hi @vishuk570 . Each set-top-box and each manufacturer has its own way to run applications. Could you provide more details as what is the brand or model of this STB where you’re trying to run your app?

which file of code is App file and how to generate ? the set-top-box provide by comcast

You’re probably looking for the lng dist command: Lightning CLI that generates a distributable version.

For deploying on comcast you probably want to go to: make sure you have an account so you can register / pair your device.

From that point on pointing the browser on your device to a given url should be fairly easy and really good documented.