lightning on Smart Tv

I need your assistance with the explanation of how we can use lightning on Smart TV and Google.

Hi @Faig . There are other threads here where people have asked something similar, for Samsung and LG TVs. To what platform specifically you intend to develop for?

Hi Eduardo,
I intend to develop for both platform Samsung and LG tv

Based on what I’ve read in this forum, really old models could potentially not be able to run Lightning. It would be a matter of trial and error.

However, both Samsung and LG offer the ability for apps to be run locally, so in theory just creating the stand alone build of your Lightning application should be enough. You’d then need to create an .ipk or .wgt file (for webOS and Tizen respectively) and files will be served from within the TVs.

For more details I suggest you to search for the official documentation on how to create web TV apps for both platforms. Remember that in the end Lightning is web based.