How to communicate from Parent to a distant child component

Hi team,

From the Lightning Documentation - FireAncestors I got the info on how we can communicate from child component to a distant parent using fireAncestors. Is there any way, we can communicate from parent to a specific distant child.

For Example, In the following structure:
Some event in E, is supposed to make changes in K.

One way to do that is

In this case since we know all the parent names in the middle it is possible to make the change, but let’s say we dont know the entire parent-child tree path. So is there any function or way which can get the K tag directly from C without mentioning the other parents in the middle?

something like this.getByTagReference(‘K’).makeChanges() which would be similar to document.getElementByID() functionality used in web.

I’d recommend using signal-js - npm

Then you aren’t worried about the structure of children. Instead you’re just sending signals directly to whoever is subscribed.