How to create an installable Android TV app


I am new to lighting app and TV application development.

As per the documentation, I need to use lng dist to create a distributable version of the application created using the lighting framework and then this needs to be hosted on a webserver.

However, I want to create an installable application for Android/Samsung/LG TV, so I need output like an apk file.

Please suggest how to proceed with this.


Lightning runs in a web browser. If you want it to be in an apk, you’ll have to use Cordova to package things up with a web browser.

If the TV has a web browser, you might be able to create a PWA - List your Progressive Web App in Google Play |

Hi @chiefcll

Thank you for sharing this information relating to publishing apk for android TVs. I will explore the Cordova option. Please let me know if there is any readily available guide/project to wrap lighting app with Cordova to get apk.

Also, please guide how to publish apps for Samsung TV (.wgt) and LG TV (.ipk)

Thank you @chiefcll, I will check these and get back if I need further support