How to show Closed Captioning via VideoPlayer

Is there a way to show Closed Captioning via VideoPlayer component? I do not see any mention of it in the documentation nor do I see it in the source code of the SDK framework. Also, what is the VideoPlayer component using in the background, is it the hls.js player or some other framework/plugin?

TL;DR: These features don’t come out of the box. You need to implement them yourself unfortunately.

The VideoPlayer plugin is simply just a regular HTML5 video element. If you wish to use hls.js or Dash or any other video library you’ll need to use the load() method provided by the VideoPlayer plugin. Otherwise, you can only play mp4 files. As to show a CC menu, you’ll have to read from the textTracks object of the video player you’re implementing, and map that to a custom UI element to toggle that on or off.