I need help with Text to Speech (Accessibility)

Following the LightningJS docs here:

I have run the example application:

I see examples of the useAnnouncer mixin and announce throughout the app, but I can’t actually play any voice over. Using the built-in macOs voice over, only an “image” is recognized and announced. (the canvas with the Lightning app)

Can anyone help with enabling text to speech?

The announcer takes string descriptions in the app and sends them to the browsers Text to Speech engine for audio output. It’s not using any of the OS level a11y stuff so it will work on STB devices.

Make sure you’ve enabled the announcer by pressing V and press D if you open console in chrome you’ll see logs as you press arrow keys. When you first enable announcer you won’t hear anything.

Thanks! That helps. I also noticed that VoiceGuidance is a custom keybinding in the example app. When I implemented on my app I discovered I had to add that as well.