TTS announcement of non-focusable text


I’m fairly new to Lightning.js and am running into issues when trying to impelement TTS. We have it working througout the app but I am having a hard time getting it to work in certain scenarios. For example, on a search screen, if I’m using the on screen keyboard each time I change focus to another key, that key is announced. Once the search results appear I can navigate to those search results, and when focusing on one the voice guidance works, BUT if there are no search results we display some text that is not focusable saying to try another search phrase. I cannot figure out how to read that text because it is not a focusable component. Does anyone have suggestions on this?


Understood. Two ways to do this.

I recommend updating the Page or a component that is in focus path with the same text that you want it to read out by setting its announce property. (assuming focus path has changed)

Otherwise - you can fire $announce with the string you want to voice out.

PS - I assume you’re using Webpack App