Lightning Core Texture Compression

Hi all! In the upcoming Lightning Core October release we’re shipping support for texture compression. To build a proper support table we need the feature to be tested on as much devices as possible. We’ve added a test page to our benchmarking tool: es6 devices: es5 devices: would be really helpful if you’re willing to take some time and provide us with device model and a screenshot of the result page.

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Hi @erikhaandrikman . I have with me a LG 2021, Samsung 2021, Vizio and an Xi6-T. I’m assuming you’ve got Comcast covered, but will any of these models works for you? I can get the exact model name if needed.

Also, what section of the devtools we would need to take a look at to provide you the data you need?

Thanks for helping out! It has been tested on Xi6 / Xi5 / Sky Q and Sky Glass

Yes @eduardo.guzman, the more models the better. We just need a screenshot or picture to see that the photos are actually rendering. Thanks!

Thanks guys.

Here’s how it looks on an LG running webOS 6.3.1, model 50NANO80SPA :

I’d like to attach the ipk file I created in case anyone wants to try it right away, is there a re commended way to do that?

And here’s how it looks on a Vizio, model D43fx-F4 and firmware version 4.72.36-2

My final test was on a Samsung with Tizen firmware version 2101 (according to the TV’s system info menu option), model UN50AU7000FXZX.

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Thanks @eduardo.guzman !!!

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