Developing Smart TV Apps: Lightning JS Experiences and Challenges

I was developing a smart TV application using React JS, and the performance can indeed be bad. Therefore, I want to create an application using Lightning JS for smart TVs, but before starting, I have some concerns. Perhaps you already have successful examples of Lightning JS applications that have been released and have real users. If so, you might be able to alleviate my concerns.

I have run demo applications on both Blits and Solid, and despite their simplicity, I encountered issues on many models.

On the Philips 43PUS7506/12 (2021), the Blits application works fine until I navigate to the TMDB section with a large number of images. When scrolling through the slider, the application crashes, likely due to a GPU memory leak.

On the LG 43NANO763QA (webOS 7, 2022), both the Blits and Solid demos freeze significantly, and after a while, the TV completely freezes.

On Samsung Tizen UE43NU7192 (2018), during the animation, the image begins to blink. In total, there were several slider rows on the screen with 7 elements in each line and a background image. The application is extremely simple.

At the same time, on the Hisense 43A6BG (2022), the Blits demo works perfectly.

Probably on Samsung 22+, the Blits demo also works fine; I haven’t been able to run the TMDB section yet because the TMDB server doesn’t like the headers sent by the TV, but the other sections of the demo application work quickly.

My question mainly isn’t about how to fix the crashes and freezes since I’ve seen forum articles on this topic, but more about the overall experience of developing a real application for smart TVs. How many vendors were you able to cover? Were there models that couldn’t run the application at all? This also includes support for older models. I don’t plan to cover very old TVs, but will I be able to cover models from around 2020 and newer? And will there be any limitations in this regard when choosing Blits or Solid?