Typescript support with rollup and/or esbuild


since we do all of our work in Typescript if possible, we’d like to ask to add support for Typescript to rollup config and/or esbuild.

Or is there a way to customize theses configs so we can add TS support on our own?

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Hi, did you figure anything out?
We might get started with Lightning soon and are also interested in this

We are also interested in typescript support. Any news on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for this question and sorry we’ve taken awhile to respond! We are actively working right now on TypeScript support for an upcoming release of the CLI tool. So stay tuned!

TypeScript support is now available with @lightningjs/cli 2.8.0. Rollup/esbuild will automatically pick up that you’re using typescript. Further TypeScript support for Lightning Core is planned.

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