Xbox Build not working

I tried to run the lightningJS template application in the Xbox and I got following warnings. Also it didn’t worked on the xbox.

  1. [Lightning] can’t use image worker because browser does not have createImageBitmap and web worker support.

'WWAHost.exe' (Script): Loaded 'Script Code (MSAppHost/3.0)'.
'WWAHost.exe' (Script): Loaded 'Sourcemap (ms-appx://e38b91b9-ac80-4f59-b325-876b4f7f76d0/js/lightning.es5.min.js)'.
SourceMap C:\Users\amal\Desktop\XBox\App3\App1\js\ read failed: Could not find file 'C:\Users\amal\Desktop\XBox\App3\App1\js\'..Exception was thrown at line 3386, column 11 in ms-appx://e38b91b9-ac80-4f59-b325-876b4f7f76d0/js/appBundle.es5.js
0x800a1391 - JavaScript runtime error: 'FontFace' is not defined

How can I fix this issue ?

Is this an xbox one? Do you have more info about the browser? That should be edge = chromium and FontFace is in all browsers - maybe you still are using IE?

hi @chiefcll I guess xbox is using IE as the browser engine for the xbox software system. Is there anyway we can enable this on IE? like adding more polyfills?

This is xbox 360? Not xbox one? IE11 is very dated. There maybe some polyfills for FontFace