App does not work on Samsung TV

I am trying to deploy a small application on a Samsung device displaying a set of items in a list with a background image and playing a video for each of them, but I am getting a couple of errors, any input or feedback on this would be helpful.

Here are the details:

Samsung Device

  • Year: 2020
  • Serie: 8
  • Model: UN50TU8000KXZL
  • Version: Tizen v5.5

Steps to generate a Tizen project with Lightning development

  1. Run lng dist —es6
  2. New Tizen project:
    1. Profile & Version: TV Samsung
    2. Application type: Web Application
    3. Template: Empty
  3. Replace Tizen default files with those in the dist folder.
  4. Change necessary keycode buttons according to documentation

Lightning Project details

  1. Data is stored locally on a JSON file
  2. We make requests only for images and videos
  3. Images do not have big resolutions


We debugged the application as Tizen Web Application and received this error when trying to get the image of the items from the URL:

And then, when we access the player we get this and the video does not play:

Note: No CORS error appears.

Hi @trodriguez30 . On the Network tab of the debugger, what’s the exact error code, if any, that’s getting displayed?

Have you tried loading images other than those hosted on that specific server you’re trying to access?

Sounds to me that it might have something to do with the access privileges given on the Tizen config xml. Or somehow the server is rejecting incoming requests from your app.

Try either fetching images stored elsewhere to see if the issues persist and make sure to adjust your config xml file to allow requests from any domain and site.