Lightning Build not working in Samsung TV (Tizen)

I tried to build an app in lightning js and wrapped it in webos and tizen formats for the respective platform, the app is working fine in webOS but it was not working on Tizen. Anyone faced this issue?

please check this one App configuration, loading on file:// protocol · Issue #347 · rdkcentral/Lightning-SDK · GitHub. Hope that helps. Potentially your case

I’ve been trying the same way .

  1. Create app
  2. develop app
  3. lng dist
  4. wrap it with tizen sdk
  5. convert to tizen file
  6. install on the tv

I’m following the same procedure on LG but with webos SDK. And It works perfectly fine.
what I get on Samsung is only the headings, nothing else is showing.

Do you have access to dev tools to check what is going on? Maybe some errors thrown in the console.

That’s the sad part, I Tried to setup the sdk in the m1 Mac and was unable to setup it successfully.