Any one who used to use @lightningjs/solid framework and solid js to render TV app?

my boss ask me to use @lightningjs/solid framework and solid js to render TV app. but I saw it very difficult to custom style from these librarys. very litter community support this frameworks.
please help me consider can it be use for app TV, setup box, smartTV. if it can, can you share me fully document about it to custom especially UI, please share me


You can check out the sample app: GitHub - lightning-js/solid-demo-app: Sample TMDB App using Lightning and SolidJS - It’s built on top of SolidJS - which is a popular frontend framework. You can use most of the libraries available for Solid as I’ve done using their router.

There are UI components being developed which will add a lot of theming support - GitHub - lightning-js/ui-components: Lightning UI Components for Solid & Blits


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Awesome, thank you a lot!

Hi @chiefcll, please help me, I using solid-icons for UI in my project, I using both solid js , @lightningjs/solid-primitives, and @lightningjs/solid.
but it’s not working for me. this is my package json and my code:

if it still does not work well, can you please recommend another icon UI can be implemented in this project?

It won’t work currently…

Lightning Renderer doesn’t support SVGs. Easiest thing would be to convert the icons you want to use to PNG and then load them as an image.

In the future in maybe possible for us to make this library work without any changes… I’ll add it as an issue for tracking… But it will require Renderer to support SVG images.

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Oke I see, thank you!

Hi @chiefcll, Do I have to use tags of @lightningjs/solid, or @lightningjs/solid-primitives to build a component for app TV, like ElementNode, IntrinsicNodeStyleProps, Text, View, hexColor, Column, Row and can not be used pure HTML tag, right?

because when I use any pure HTML tag in a component, it will auto display as absolute style CSS of “lnode” class
and browser will not render to the true HTML tg, it only render to

tag, I will attach below:

and I have one more question if I use pure HTML, can it work well on the TV device or setup box

This video might answer some of your questions:

Short answer - Lightning is a canvas renderer and doesn’t use HTML and CSS.

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