Do we have a way of making part of a string bold?


I am looking to make part of a text bold like this . I did not see anything relating to this in the documentation.

Thanks in advance !


It seems there’s a fontStyle property which I assume could be set as bold. However, the only solution I can think of besides using that fontStyle property or assigning it a different font-family altogether is to manually split your text and have them as separate text textures.

Hey Eduardo thanks for the response. Im aware of the bold font style, although useful using it sets the entire string bold. My whole idea was to not split up elements for making a single word out of a paragraph bold.

Hi, this is available in version 2.5.0 Release Lightning 2.5.0 · rdkcentral/Lightning · GitHub and an example can be found here: Lightning/advanced-renderer.html at master · rdkcentral/Lightning · GitHub

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