Focus not working in Web OS when using state

I was able to use the focus, in dev mode and also while running the build in the web browser. But when I tried it on the TV, there was no focus, I was unable to see the focused component, or move the focus.

I was able to reproduce this issue and find the root cause of the issue. I was using the state to manage focus and it was not working in the WebOs, I tried the example demo code in the documentation and tried to run It, it also failed to show the focus or move the focus.

Have anyone ever faced this issue ? can anyone suggest the work around for this?

Note : works very well in Tizen.

Hi @amalmohann i m also facing the same issue is your issue resolved please share your update here:

i m getting max stack limit exceeded error ,

i suppose we the state name and the template name are same due to which its throwing the error

Hi, @Samuel
Unfortunately states did not work in LG WebOS for us. You need to use getFocused method and update the focusPath.
You can use Index to change the childConpoent which needs to be focused.