How to clear src of Image texture

Hi All,

We are facing an issue to clear the src of the image texture. Please find the below explanation.

We have an image tag for which the image is getting patched from API response.
Logo: {

  •       x: 10,*
  •   y: 15,*
  •            w: 84,*
  •            h: 63,*
  •            src: ''*
  •      }*

Patching the images based on API response:
this.tag(‘Logo’).src = response.logo.href

Like below, we are clearing the logo image every time when moving focus to the next asset in the list.
this.tag(“Logo”).patch({ src: ‘’ });

Reason for clearing the images above operation is because if the next asset is not having any image coming from API or it fails to get patched, at that time the logo of the previous asset will be retained for the next asset as well. To handle this, we are clearing when shifting focus to every other tiles in the list.

But even when we are trying to assign src = ‘’ (null string or some invalid string), we are not able to clear the image patched to the Logo tag.

We would like to know the reason for this behavior of src Image texture and how we can clear src for the Image texture.

So, if someone could let us know to achieve this, it would be helpful for us.
Thank you.