Png Image transparency issue

Hello, I added some png images to my project that are fetched from an endpoint.
For an unknown reason, sometimes my images (with a transparent background, they are logos) have a black background instead of being transparent.

I tried using both src and Lightning.textures.ImageTexture properties and I have the same result.

Hi Nicolas, welcome to the forum!

A few questions:

  • are you testing this in a browser (if so which one) or straight on a STB?
  • are the same logos always affected? or does it vary from time to time?

Would you be able to share some code so we can try to reproduce?

Hi Michiel,

I’m testing and developing on the latest version of Chrome.
Weirdly, it vary from time to time…

I have two components which the parent change the data from the child:

Parent code:

set currentItem(item) {
	if (item) {
		this._currentItem = item
			logo: this.currentItem.logo,

Child code:

set logo(i) {
	if (i && i !== '') {
		this.tag('Logo').setSmooth('alpha', 0.01)
			texture: Img(i).original(500),
			visible: true,
		this.tag('Title').visible = false
	} else {
		this.tag('Logo').visible = false
		this.tag('Title').visible = true

Thank you for your help!