[Lightning] texture load error Image load error

Hi there. I am getting this error [Lightning] texture load error Image load error when trying to run the app on a Samsung device. Is there any way to fix it?

Hi @trodriguez30 . Just wondering, what are the image’s dimensions? If it’s too big (4k resolution) it could potentially be causing issues. Just talking from past experience from other platforms. If so, make it smaller prior to loading it on your app.

Any info found out here? Same issue after upgrading lightning.
when using icons for categories that are on the web, they load, but using
Utils.asset('img/new-category.png') gives texture load error.

However elsewhere in the app using Utils.asset(‘img/play-button.png’) works just fine.

literally the same code and the same file location, just different images.

also, the icons show up in web browser and on two other TV platforms

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Did you found any fix for this?