Image caching issue while navigating

Hi, I have a couple of rails of images with each rail containing 15 images . When I navigate between images or between rails , then the image which gets out of screen reloads or we can say that request for those images are made again when they are brought back to viewport. I need any suggestion to cache my images and when I navigate between images back and forth the images shouldn’t reload again i.e request to those images shouldn’t be made again even if they are brought back to viewport or out of the viewport.


This is probably because your image server is not sending caching headers for the images. The browser should be caching the images and preventing them from reloading.

Also if you have dev tools open - make sure you don’t have disable cache checked.


Did you manage to find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue and we are using Amplify to host the website, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the image server, it seems to me like it is something in our configuration for lightningjs, @chiefcll is there any related setting you could suggest trying to change?

What devices are you seeing this behavior on? Again this should just be caching headers on the images. You’ll need to make changes on Amplify to set caching headers - by default everything is 0 cache.

This is the normal behavior on our app. I just assumed it’s because of the router settings. :thinking:
Gotta check out if caching helps!

Does one of you have a public app I could look at and test?