Memory Exceeded Issue

Hi All

We are facing Memory Exceeded issue while loading the application itself. The log of the same is mentioned below.
Nov 29 05:22:02 BT6600RDK /usr/bin/WPEFramework[18933]: [Tue, 29 Nov 2022 05:22:02 ]:[Monitor.h:948]: Fatal: FORCED Shutdown: ResidentApp by reason: MemoryExceeded.

Later we figured out that the issue was after moving from Dev server to pre-prod server where the images which we were getting from pre-prod were of 4k images which were not getting resized, before those images being used by the Lightning application.
The option is to run those images through Image resizing service which will do the downscaling of images on the fly.

So, if someone could let us know to achieve this resizing in LightningJS, it would be helpful for us.

Thank you

You can’t resize the image in the LightningJS UI to lower its memory - once you load a 4k image its going to need the memory to open it. Meaning if you load a 2000x2000 image and display it at 200x200px, it still is taking up the memory of 2000x2000. You mentioned a service to resize the image on the backend which is the correct way to go. Usually image servers offer some kind of API to get the image with query params ?width=400 etc to reduce the size you need.

Yeah will proceed like that, Thank you for the response @chiefcll.