Side menu Icons are refreshing when navigating through the pages

We are facing an issue with icons and posters in lightning. While clicking back from any other pages, the images and side menu icons are refreshing even though we are not reloading menu. Menu is getting loaded at the time of bootup, We are not reloading it again. Still while navigating those icons are blinking.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue?

Hi @Anjana . Have you declared your menu as a widget? If not, that could very well be the reason. Widgets are always available throughout your app, such as modals and menus. And when changing route, they don’t reinstantiate.

Hi @eduardo.guzman

We have made it as widget only. The issue is with images/icons in the side menubar. Text is not getting reloaded. Icons are blinking when we navigate to some other page without widget and coming back to the landing page.