High Resolution image rendering

Hi, we were trying to render a large resolution sprite image to show thumbnails over progress-bar of video player.
We are reducing the actual size of image with some service before displaying it over app and it works fine when we test it on web with image around 16000 pixels in width. But when we render same image on RPI device it shows black area and only works when we reduce size around 2000 px in width , which also reduces quality of image significantly.
So, why is there a difference in maximum dimensions allowed and is there any way we can control this.

Hi, the problem seems to be related to MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE which dictactes the maximum size of either of the textures dimension. If you would inspect gl.getParameter(gl.MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE) on your local machine you get a different number vs the raspberry pi. On my machine in chrome it return 16384 and on my RPI 3b+ 2048 which means your texture can be max 2048x2048.

This would also explain why your 16000px will work on your local machine but not on the RPI.

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