Regarding handle back using handlekey

Hello, The documents which u have sent me , I got the refrence from that and handlekey working fine over there but now the problem is in remote when we use right and left key and comes in the end of the right and left of alphabets and numeric then again we get into the previous page which i am unable to figureout was is happening. This is occue in emulator so kindly give me the idea why this is happening with me.

Hi @Shrutideveloper .

It is recommended that you use the dedicated methods for each key, rather than the “catch all” _handleKey() method. Not entirely sure what’s your problem, but if the issue is with the back button on your device, depending of which browser it is based on, you might need to use the preventDefault() method of the event to avoid the browser going back one page on the navigation stack, even if this was never your intention.

_handleBack(e) {

Hope this helps.


Thanks already completed too.