Regarding handleback in smart Tv

Hello , I am using handleback for getting previous page on my code, its working fine on web application and with the keyboard but when i m trying to get back in the smarttv with the help of remote/controller. Then unable to get to the previous screen . Kindly give me the solution for that.


Make sure you map the keycodes from the remote to the corresponding button. They may not be the same as your keyboard:

If you’re using the CLI + SDK add

"keys": {
      "8": "Last",
      "13": "Enter",
      "27": "Exit",
      "33": "PageUp",
      "34": "PageDown",
      "37": "Left",
      "38": "Up",
      "39": "Right",
      "40": "Down",
      "68": "Debug",
      "71": "Guide",
      "72": "Hint",
      "73": "Info",
      "76": "Last",
      "77": "Menu",
      "78": "Next",
      "80": "Prev",
      "84": "TextBanner",
      "86": "VoiceGuidance",
      "179": "PlayPause",
      "83": "Star",
      "227": "Rewind",
      "228": "FastForward",
      "219": "Rewind",
      "221": "FastForward",
      "403": "ColorA",
      "404": "ColorB",
      "405": "ColorC",
      "406": "ColorD"

to settings.json under appSettings. You may need to change the keys to work with the device. Might require some console.logging to find out what the corresponding ascii key is that the remote is providing.

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Thanks, so helpful hopefully this will work on my tv.

Hello, The documents which u have sent me , I got the refrence from that and handlekey working fine over there but now the problem is in remote when we use right and left key and comes in the end of the right and left of alphabets and numeric then again we get into the previous page which i am unable to figureout was is happening. This is occue in emulator so kindly give me the idea why this is happening with me.