Choose your LightningJS Flavor

Hello community

I’m new LightningJS programmer and I’ve been going through the Lightning docs and the GitHub repository. But I’m confused. On the LightningJS page it says that I can choose 2 options (flavors) to develop LightningJS apps.

  1. Blits
  2. Solid

But many examples are developed only with LightningJS (without blits and solids)

What is the best way to develop TV apps? Blits, Solid or LightningJS (only)

Thank you for your comments :smiley:

hello @carlosg !

Great question and I understand the confusion, we’re working hard to make this a little easier to digest using the website. However this is still in flux and we hope to launch that soon.

To elaborate here:
You indeed have 2 flavors right now and you can go directly.

Building an app directly on top of Lightning 3 renderer without using an Application Development Framework is not encouraged. As you will spend a large portion of your time solving problems that are already solved when using an App Dev framework on top of Lightning 3.

So that leaves you with 2 currently available paths:
Blits or Solid.

Now there is no “best” approach, only what you or your team prefers.

Blits is our own App Dev framework and can be found here:

An example app can be found here:

Blits uses XML literals and a well defined structure to build your app in.

SolidJS is an existing framework: and our bridge implementation can be found here: GitHub - lightning-js/solid: solid-js renderer for Lightning

An example app can be found here:

SolidJS uses JSX and resembles an React-style (but much better) of creating an app.

In the end it boils down to preference, if you’re a big fan of JSX absolutely go SolidJS. Else I’d highly recommend taking Blits for a spin.

In the future we hope to add additional integrations based on community preference. Though we currently have our hands full to get Lightning 3.0 out of beta into a mature release.

Hope that helps!

Hello @Wouter

I appreciate your help. I am clear with your comments. I’ll take a look at the repositories of your comment. Thank you