Code examples using sockets for Samsung/Tizen, LG/WebOS, and Vizio/Smartcast?

Does anyone have example code using LightningJs with web sockets on Samsung/Tizen, LG/WebOS, and/or Vizio/Smartcast?

Thank you!

Lightning is just a UI framework - you’ll be able to use Websockets just as outlined on
WebSocket - Web APIs | MDN or on the docs of the library you’re looking at. You can init your WS outside of the app and use it as a global inside any of your components.

Inside a Lightning Component you’ll want to do something like

class MyComponent extends lng.component {
    static _template() {
        return {
            //component template

    _init() {
        // setup or access your WS
       ws.on('messsage',  () => { 

Got it, thank you very much! ~Todd