Generate build for a specific TV platform

Hi there, I’ve been working with lightning for a few days and I have a question. I’ve not been able to find in the docs information on the way or the steps to generate a build for a specific platform such as Tizen or WebOS, I hope you can help me clarify this doubt. If there is any additional step to make this possible or what I should take into account to continue my learning path with lightning please let me know. Thanks!

Hey! It is possible but the information is indeed not available through the docs. We will add this to our backlog to make the steps publicly available.


Hi! You can always create a build with the lng build command and then user either the ares CLI or Tizen Studio to generate a packaged app for webOS and Tizen from that build, respectively.

You might still need to configure the key handling and such, but remember that in the end it’s a regular web app running on a canvas.

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