Support to multiple screen resolutions in Lightning App

I need to handle all different resolutions [SD, HD, Full HD, 4K] in my lightning application.
I am referring the docs but still the user interface is not properly visible on all the resolutions.

Any further guidelines or references for implementing this ?


Hello @Wouter @chiefcll

Requesting your comments.



First, you have to clarify a list of resolutions you target devices supports. In my team’s experience (and we targeted a lot of platforms) mostly it’s narrowed to HD and FHD. There are some rare devices which are rendering UI in 4K, but they are usually offering a native SDK with a more natural way for an app development on such a platform (ex. we have a device with Qt-based framework for third-party apps), however, again, it’s a rare occasion. Mostly TVs and STBs offers support of 4K video playback while UI is still rendered in FHD in best case.
Therefore, if we are limited to HD and FHD only, Lightning already taking care of resolution support: you just need to define all the sizes tokens within your app’s code in FHD and downscaling will be handled automatically.